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Posted By: MuddleC
21-Dec-04 - 05:56 AM
Thread Name: Folklore: Stupid Question but what is Wassail
Subject: RE: What is a wassail/wassailing?
Being from Somerset, and a cider-drinker... and having a shotgun, I have always been advised that 'was Hael', was OE for 'good heatlth'.

The shooting up of orchard trees was either to get rid of evil spirits or to warn the tree to do better next year!

There is still an in-and-out-the-houses dance held in Helston, Cornwall, but that's a May dance, not a winter celebration.
'The furry Dance' is held several times during the day, different groups making up the numbers, childrens dance, locals dance, dignitaries and guests dance etc.
-I recommend the Blue Anchor Pub, half way up the hill on the right, they serve home-brewed 'Spingo Ale'. I wished that I'd lived at the bottom of the hill, the uphill climb really took it out of you at closing time....
Was Hael!!