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Posted By: Mooh
27-Dec-04 - 03:42 PM
Thread Name: pick - how do you hold it?
Subject: RE: pick - how do you hold it?
Oh goody, a guitar thread!

Don't care for the curled fist posture, and have observed that some beginner and young players who use it often have issues about muscle tension and fatigue.

I personally like my first (index) finger gently curved and pointing in the same direction as the point of the pick, and the rest of the fingers unclenched and relaxed. This lets me use those other fingers for occassional hybrid picking styles, and keeps my hand at ease with only enough muscle tension to keep hold of the pick. (It doesn't differ much from my thumbpick assisted fingerstyle posture except that the index and thumb aren't held together...I think this is why I can move easily between those styles.)

Seems to work for the swing tunes, celtoidishlike stuff, rock and blues tunes, and my own stuff. Your milage may vary.

Peace, Mooh.