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Posted By: GUEST,Anne Croucher
27-Dec-04 - 06:35 PM
Thread Name: pick - how do you hold it?
Subject: RE: pick - how do you hold it?
Do you mean plectrum? I have always called 'wrap around finger strips of plastic' picks and 'single flat bit of plastic, held'a plectrum

When I thought about this I could not work out how I hold a plectrum so I went and tried out a few tunes - the answer seems to be 'variously'

sometimes I hold it between the fingertips of the first two fingers and the last joint of my thumb, sometimes the first finger and thumb only but with 2nd fingertip set behind it to stop it twisting, and a 'power grip' is between last joint of first finger and last joint of thumb, 2nd joint of finger is at right angles to tip of thumb.

The tip of the plectrum moves horisontally with these different grips - and the amount of 'free plastic' differs too.

I never had a 'guitar primer' - just a book of different chords - but I seem to manage to produce a good sound. I have always used tape recorders to check my sound - I suggest that you try out various ways of holding the plectrum and see how easy it is and what sound variations you get.

Each player has different lengths of finger in total, and different proportions in where they bend. Find your own grips.