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Posted By: Mooh
28-Dec-04 - 06:13 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Tuner advice update
Subject: RE: Tech: Tuner advice update
My Sabine(s) went for a crap when they were dropped, but I otherwise liked them. Have been using the Intellitouch for a few years and like it, especially for mandolin, but nothing I do will make the thing quick to read bass notes so I use harmonics to tune the low E string or I tune it last by ear.

For plugging in I usually use a Boss.

I've owned a Danelectro floor pedal tuner (too slow and insensitive), a Digitech multi-effects unit with built in tuner (too jumpy on the high strings), a Yamaha basic non-chromatic tuner which works great except the on/off switch is tempermental.

I've got major lust and covet issues around a Peterson Strobe tuner, which is hands down the best brand I've tried.

My advice is to try the thing before you leave the store because they don't all work alike, and vary from unit to unit in sensitivity and quality control.

Peace, Mooh.