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Posted By: Cluin
28-Dec-04 - 05:13 PM
Thread Name: Tech: Tuner advice update
Subject: RE: Tech: Tuner advice update
I've got a 10+ year old Seiko chromatic tuner (the same one I had way back when, CH) that I still use a lot though the built-in mic on it doesn't work half the time anymore. But I plug into it anyway and it works great. Been dropped/tossed a few times by bandmates and I've had it apart myself twice for resoldering, but it's still doing it's job. Also use a Sabine stick-on often, but it seems to read A-440 as slightly flatter than the Seiko. As long as we all use the same tuner, there's no problem though.

An old bandmate hads one of those Danelectro pedal tuner things, but he wasn't happy with it and returned it. To me, it looked good in theory, but was mostly a pain-in-the-ass... or maybe it was the band-mate. Do you REALLY have to check your tuning between EVERY song, just because you CAN?