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Posted By: Bob Bolton
15-Nov-99 - 10:03 PM
Thread Name: JD Crows Blue Velvet Band
Subject: RE: JD Crows Blue Velvet Band
G'day all,

I guess you all know about the standard English / Scottish / Irish Black Velvet Band song ... found in broadsides in just about every major town in the British Isles with only the town name changed. It is well-known here in Australia, usually set in Dublin or London, depending upon the singer's inclinations.

What i want to mention is the virtuous version I found in New Zealand singbook (~1960s) with no amorous dalliance, no theft or pocket-picking and no convict sentence. This strait-laced Kiwi (obviously sent out by the Presbyterian Immigration Society) sings that he is working hard, saving, every bawbee, and will soon have his own shop ... and be able to pay the passage out for his well behaved sweetheart - the "girl with the black velvet band".

... Only in New Zealand!


Bob Bolton