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Posted By: AllisonA(Animaterra)
29-Dec-04 - 08:15 AM
Thread Name: BS: What'd Ya Get?
Subject: RE: BS: What'd Ya Get?
Jerry, I'm with you. Seeing my mom sitting up in her wheelchair for the first time since her accident, talking and laughing and presiding like the queen, was the best gift of all. Next to that was seeing my 15 and 19 year old children willingly give up the sacred "Christmas day at home" to visit their granny- and instead of wandering around the common room and burying their noses in books, they conversed, laughed, joked, and made it a lovely Christmas!
The third lovely gift of Christmas was bonding with my mother's companion, who can be a bit prickly but we've discovered that this hardship has brought us together as friends.

CarolC, my daughter has just started the PA and I tried to get a better look at that t-shirt, since her b'day is in Feb- where can I see a bigger picture than at the link you provided?

Wesley, I'm so sorry about the illness. I wish you good health for 2005! I have to say I've joined you in the Christmas weight loss club. Since my bereavement last year my body reacts to stress by burning calories like crazy. I've never, ever before had a time when I had to eat extra Christmas cookies, etc, to maintain my weight- when I was thirteen, this would have been a dream come true- now it's a bit of a chore, with my head cold dampening my appetite.