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Thread Name: info pls: 60s music & spirituality
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GUEST is a troll.

Reasons Why the 1960s Were Better Than Today
    -- by Brian Robertson

Face it. The 1960s may not have been the zenith of human potential and development, but it kicked aside this era, the first decade of this century. In no particular order, here are a few of the reasons why.

(1) The only people who didn't get laid in the 60s were either Young Republicans or had been cremated.

(2) FM radio.

(3) People knew an immoral, supid war when they saw one.

(4) No AIDS. (See #1)

(5) Three people standing together in one place for longer than a minute were friends. Longer than two minutes, they were a band.

(6) You got to wear all the vintage clothes you could stand up in.

(7) Albums sounded better than cds, had far better cover art, and cost 7 - 8 times less money to own.

(8) You actually waited for the next Beatles album.

(9) Johnny Carson had The Tonight Show.

(10) Take a look at Gracie Slick then and now and then you tell me.