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29-Dec-04 - 05:07 PM
Thread Name: info pls: 60s music & spirituality
Subject: RE: info pls: 60s music & spirituality
No but it would require a cuple of hours worth of pulling together the information from a variety of web and print sources. I'm a librarian, I know where the information is, but I'll be damned if I'll offer it up to you just because you rudely demanded "proof".

You want to believe the 60s was the most special era in the history of the fucking modern world, go for it. But it won't change my mind about the lot of you being a bunch of hippy dippy flakes, still living in your youthful romantic fantasies.

Hey--why not grow the fuck up now? Our children really don't want to hear how you got down with the Dead at the Fillmore, and what a spiritual moment it was for you.

NEWS FLASH--we don't give a shit.

But good luck with the book about how special you all are, and how special your time in the sun was.

I'll wait to see the movie when it comes out, thanks.