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Posted By: Tweed
29-Dec-04 - 05:34 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Stilly, I think mebbe you have worms and they are thriving on all that chocolate ovatine you been floodin yoreself with. Tharfore, I habv taken action and searched the worldwide over and found this:

Diary notes by Joan Huydecoper (1625-1704), who was mayor of Amsterdam, inform us about the upbringing of children in high society. His son Jantje Huydecoper was put into the potty chair:

When something was wrong with him, Huydecoper showed an active interest. He was dealing with Jantje's tummy ache which came up after he was given meat for the first time. The child turned out to be suffering from worms and Huydecoper informed after the cures: in the first place a balm for the stomach, and also 'something to hang in the beer which he is to drink'. But the best remedy seemed to him 'hot sweet milk which was poured into in the potty and shoved under him in the potty chair, so that the worms will smell the vapour and wiggle to his arse and into the pot below.

You see? Just put the milk in the crapper instead obv feeding them things what are giving you headaches. No, please don't bother thanking me. It is just another service provided by MOAB to insure the health obv the denizens here.

Quack du Jour and a bientot obv the highest calibre.