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Posted By: LilyFestre
29-Dec-04 - 06:23 PM
Thread Name: BS: What'd Ya Get?
Subject: RE: BS: What'd Ya Get?
I received 2 fiddle music books, a gold violin pendant, a silver box with an Inuit design of a Blue Heron (my favorite bird!) and a Book of Common Prayer.

I also received a gift of another kind in a strange kind of way. On Christmas morning, we picked up a newspaper on the way to my Mom's house. There was a photo of an older gentleman holding a violin, standing with another gentleman. The story was about the older gentleman. He lives in a nearby town and is 88 years old. He has played the violin since he was 8. He enjoys sharing old time gospel music with folks at the senior center and in senior homes. He also has played for children in orphanages in Budapest (while on a mission from his church). Playing the violin brings him great enjoyment and it has brought joy to many over the years. During the holidays, he continues to play for those around him. This year he played his harmonica for the children and senior citizens. Why? Over the summer, someone broke into his house and stole both of his violins. He was absolutely heartbroken. The reporter of this story says that the man's face reddened and he hung his head when telling the story.

For whatever reason, this story just really touched my heart. I cried at table over Christmas coffee....I think my family thought I had lost my mind. While they read the article, I sat there and thought about what it must be like to have the one thing that you love to do and to share taken away from you. This guy HAS to have a what I thought to myself. So, Christmas night I set to work emailing a few different folks. A kind soul by the name of Jeff Judd of JR Judd Violins of Williamsport, Pennsylvania, offered me a violin (case, bow, shoulder rest and rosin)at deep discount. My family pooled together some money and today I picked up the violin that we will give to the gentleman who is so obviously missing his own violins.

I consider that newspaper article to be a gift........