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29-Dec-04 - 06:59 PM
Thread Name: info pls: 60s music & spirituality
Subject: RE: info pls: 60s music & spirituality
I truly don't care if any of you thinks I'm wrong, because I don't need the approval of the herd here.

I also find it pretty odd that only one other person besides myself has mentioned the Farm, the Diggers, and the very few people who actually were doing something to bring about social change, instead of just leaping on the Fillmore bandwagon and getting stoned.

Peter Coyote came to spend the night at my house a few years back, arriving after a long delayed flight around midnight. As we all stood around in the kitchen getting (re)acquainted after many years and meeting again for the first time, we asked him if wanted something to eat, we had left overs from dinner, etc etc. He just smiled at us and says "you can always tell who the old timers are--they always bring you in the kitchen and make sure you aren't going hungry."

That sort of mutual admiration from somebody who walked the walk then and continues to walk the walk now, is plenty good enough for me.

And certainly a damn site better than "I was so much older then..." cliches from 60s flower children reminiscing about how spiritual they all were back in their day.

My daughter & three of her cousins and a number of our family friends' kids have all been to Wavy Gravy's clown camp over the years too.

So what?