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Posted By: Peace
29-Dec-04 - 07:10 PM
Thread Name: info pls: 60s music & spirituality
Subject: RE: info pls: 60s music & spirituality
"That sort of mutual admiration from somebody who walked the walk then and continues to walk the walk now, is plenty good enough for me."

As it should be, GUEST. I too have received and given that sort of reception form and to people regardless of the walk they walked.

So far from you all I've seen is the talk you've talked. That's good if that's all you want to do. No complaint from me. It's your attacks on people I don't care for at all. They were uncalled for. If this thread bothers you so much, leave it alone. Start one of your own telling the world how the spiritual side of the sixties, the music of the sixties, the whatever of the sixties was a load of crap. There, you'll be able to speak with like-minded people and have a good time. Here, you're just an annoyance. Very much a troll. You seem like those idiots who wera white sheets to cover their faces. That's what the GUEST tag does for you. Like, who's gonna give credence to someone who wants the world to believe his words--but is too ashamed of them to state his name?