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Posted By: Shula
01-Oct-97 - 03:36 AM
Thread Name: Poems of A.A.Milne Set to Music/Christopher Robin
Subject: RE: Poems of A.A.Milne Set to Music
Dear Joe,

All assumptions applicable. Want actual Milne verses in singable form. Unfortunately, the only one you mentioned has been forever tarnished for me by the parody (yes, it IS in the DT) with a lascivious, if economical, alteration of the preposition in line two and the subsequent development of that theme. T'isn't the "lingual consonance" to which I object, mind -- it being FOLK music after all (Yo, Bruce, -- EUPHEMISTIC enow' fer ya, laddie?) but the chosen target: Christopher (fer GAWD's sake!) Robin. Mon Dieu! Is nothing sacred?! Guess not.

Quite fond of Pooh, in any language but Disney-ish. MY Pooh is, most assuredly, NOT orange, and he sounds a good deal more like himself with Alfred Hitchcock's voice than with the one belonging to that red-haired, poultry-voiced Yankee actor. Don't know as my heart could stand to surf through a stack of Disney-pooh websites, but if you found any URL's relating to the genuine article, rather imagine I'd not be alone at this forum in wanting to find them. Thanks for the effort, though. Maybe some of our resident songsmiths can help, or perhaps some of the poems might work with tunes extant. Hmmmm...