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Posted By: Leadfingers
02-Jan-05 - 10:23 PM
Thread Name: Flute/whistle dynamics
Subject: RE: Flute/whistle dynamics
Addition to my earlier post ! I have Three sets of whistles - the set
I use for most of my Amplified Gigs are all Aluminium Straight bore Chieftens which seem to work nicely into a microphone . The next option is a set of Tony Dixon PVC whistles which (I think) sound better but are a lot quieter and fit in more with acoustic stuff . I
also have a set of Shaw Tapered whistles which are more 'Breathy' and
I find harder to blow . This again is down to personal taste and usage. I also carry a number of Generation D whistles for when I am
doing a workshop - The number of people who turn up for workshops with totally unplayable instrumentys is FRIGHTENING so I can supply a whistle which WILL work for less than the Music Shops who (MAYBE) are
in attendance .
   A whistles volume CAN be adjusted by the way they are blown but there can also be a variation in the note - blow TOO soft its flat ,
blow too hard its up an octave !!
Who started this Idea that whistles are simple instruments for playing simple music on ?