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Posted By: Rustic Rebel
03-Jan-05 - 05:25 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Perhaps the day was to be bright and blue, perhaps it was to be driving snow. Either way I know for certain it was a fog that remained in my brain that day, just like a dream.
I was playing a variant of a humoresque, combined with a aubade, which was to be the prelude to an intermezzo in a capriccio form on my harmonica on the first day of the year 2005, in the early hour of 6:00 AM.
I cannot say for certain if it was the music or the form of the music that lent itself to the following events that took place. I only can say I was changed and am not entirely the same person I once was.

I was sitting alone, upstairs. I was playing quite intense. You cannot play a cappriccio unless it is intense, in my opinion.
The room was dimly lit by three candles in the eastern windows. I was hitting a high crescendo and I heard a sound behind me. I turn around to look from where the sound was and standing, or rather lurking behind me was a strange dog of unusual proportions.
It's legs where long and lean, with small paws and it looked like it had 7 toes on each foot. It's body was short and fat like that of a bulldog and it's head was over-bearing and large. It was hard to believe it could balance itself. The face of the dog was huge and it was smiling and stood swaying to the music.
I didn't know this dog but it did not cast fear my way as I continued to play in a glissando fashion.
I was quite mesmerized at this animal. I would play allargando, the amimal would sway at a slower pace. I would play allegro and it would sway quite faster.
I thought I would really check this out and I began to play a divertimento. The dog got up on it's long thin back legs and started doing these short, jumpy little movements.

Believe me when I tell you this, it was hard to play my harmonica and not laugh at this point.
I started to play a berceuse and the dog started to cry. Quickly I went back into a rhapsody and soon the dog was smiling again.
I don't know why none of this phased me, or frightened me. It seemed such a natural thing, and I was as into it, as this strange dog-animal was. I couldn't stop.
I played for nearly an hour with this creature squatting , swaying, smiling and shaking and as the sun began to rise I went into a final requiem.
My mistake.
Suddenly, and without much warning the animal let out a howl that was more than deafening. The windows rattled to extreme. The candles went out as if a gale of wind blew through. I heard the people downstairs let out screams when they were awakened by the sound. I watched as the animal became a whirlwind of my sheet music. It rose in a fashion of a tornado.
That's when I stopped playing. And a sudden as I did, my sheet music settled to the floor.
I heard the people downstairs say something like "For what is real and what is aboriginal, cannot be fucked with".
I look down at my messed up sheet music and on the top of my windblown pages was one blank page containing the only evidence and proof that this all happened.
A single paw print from an animal with 7 toes.