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Posted By: Peter Kasin
03-Jan-05 - 08:57 PM
Thread Name: 2004 I'm coming to Camp Harmony - yippee!
Subject: RE: I'm coming to Camp Harmony - yippee!
My experience was like Linda's: It was more wonderful than usual, especially the New year's eve going into new year's morning.

Sylvia Herold hosted some awesome traditional singing sessions for several nights, setting up an otherwise dreary room with soft Christmas lighting around the ceiling and walls, which created a soft glow and a warm, inviting atmosphere, just perfect for late-night singing sessions during cold, rainy nights.

New year's eve, a group of about 50 or so sat in a large circle in one of the workshop cabins, and sang into the wee hours of the morning. For those reading this who haven't been to Harmony, previous singarounds were organized around specific themes, such as traditional British Isles songs, or songs of struggle, or even one on "-cide songs," meaning songs of suicide, homicide, etc, etc. This session, though, had everything: Tom lehrer songs, traditional ballads, blues sung in a Yiddish accent (ala Ray Frank), x-rated songs, anything, really, that struck our fancy.

How Debby McClatchy served up such delicious food for such a large number of campers was quite a feat. We even had Kibbeh, a traditional Lebanese dish which is not one of your easier main courses to make.

One of the surprises was hearing Mark Cohen sing a song he penned about someone I knew from work, the late Tom Savage. Not too surprising, I guess, as Tom taught Irish set dancing at Harmony in 1989-90, but to hear this song about someone who worked at Hyde Street Pier, was special. I'll have to tell the folks when I'm back at work.

Hanging out with people I normally don't get to see much of during the year was great, and renewing some old friendships was one of the nicer "by-products" of the camp, to use an Alpo term :-). Good to see Joe Offer again, and to hear....and see, your spirited renditions of songs on NYE. Those who were there will know what I mean.

All in all a much recommended camp to anyone considering it for next time.