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Posted By: GUEST,Champagne Carol's Very Frustrated SS
04-Jan-05 - 01:47 PM
Thread Name: BS: SECSY Silly Secret Santa/Santee Hints
Subject: RE: BS: SECSY Silly Secret Santa/Santee Hints
What's up with the UK Post, huh? My Santee NEEDS her Pressies. I bet Customs saw that Iw wrote "Sweets" on the second box, got hungry and ate 'em all.


So, Cllr...has delivered the Champagne yet?

I'd send more stuff but I feel like I'm tossing Pressies into a great Black Hole. Perhaps they DID go through a worm hole, are now at the polar opposite end of the Universe from Sweet Carol and are now resting on Martin Gibson's doorstep instead. AACK. Hope he likes sweets!

Luv ya Martin..jess playin'. I'd even send YOU treats if you wanted 'em! I'm a jolly Santa afterall..and you have been being a relatively good boy. Hope you got lots of gifts too! If not, it can be arranged.

Champagne Carol's Secret Santa