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Posted By: Cllr
05-Jan-05 - 11:09 AM
Thread Name: BS: SECSY Silly Secret Santa/Santee Hints
Subject: RE: BS: SECSY Silly Secret Santa/Santee Hints
Yes it arrived yeasterday I got it last night Carol waited to open it when I got hime, sorry first time I had to post something decent, Thank you for my tie I love it. I like ties I must be of the few folkies who wear tie outside of weddings and in the dock. The erotic scifi/fantasy literature is great carol's hairband goes beutifully with her red and orange hair. and How you managed to pick our favourite dark chocolte covered coffee beans is beyond me, Im on a diet a cCarol has threatend a good kicking if I knick any. I will cajol her into using the writing paper (although she promisis she will write) and the fridgemagnets are on our fridge no champagne yet but we wait in eager anticipation _we will try out the bath soap stuff soon, Carol has been signed off for another ten days and all this stuff has cheered her up no end. Thank you secret santa (I know who you are) 8-) cllr