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Posted By: TheBigPinkLad
07-Jan-05 - 12:43 PM
Thread Name: BS: Unpasteurized beer
Subject: RE: BS: Unpasteurized beer
Newcastle Brown is a 4.7% alcohol-by-volume beer. The North American standard is 5% and premium Euro lagers weigh in at a standard of 6%, so Dog is not particularly 'strong' comparitively speaking.

Commercial brewers don't use champagne yeast for barley wines, just a regular saccromyces cerevisiae with the legs to get a high-gravity wort down to within 20% or less of its Original Gravity.

I have never know a commercial beer to explode, although I have heard tales. Neophite home brewers sometimes have that happen if they bottle before quarter gravity. Anyone not using a hydrometer should beware: wet granades are dangerous.

I had the 'pleasure' of tasting recently Samuel Adams Utopias MMIII … touted at 25% abv to be the world's strongest bottled beer. My benefactor paid ... US$100 for it!!! All I can say is, why? The bottle is a marvel to behold BTW, looks like a miniature brew kettle.