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Posted By: Rapparee
08-Jan-05 - 07:58 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Because the Mudcat Cafe abounds with wit, wisdom, knowledge, intellect, good looks, music, soul, and other good stuff, I have an idea. As I mentioned earlier, I feel that the Best of the Best of the BS should be recognized, and I will personally spring for the Mudcat Cafe BBBS Prize.

The first prizes can be awarded late next August in the AD 2005, after I go to Alaska and get them.

Professionals, such as William Shatner or George W. Bush or Dan Rather are not, of course, eligible. To even be considered you have to be a member of the Mudcat Cafe, registered and all -- GUESTs of any persuasion, either plain GUESTs or fancy ones (such as GUEST Looooooooooong John Sliver, GUEST freds, GUEST The Giant Squid) are not eligible. And the winner must have an address to which the Award can be sent.

The winner will be decided by a committee composed of those most knowledgeable of and suitable to judge truely quality BS, to whit, Amos, Tweed, SRS, Rustic, Bee Dubya Ell, and Khandu. Little Hawk is hereby named as The Official Backup Member.

You guys vote on the winner and let me know, and in late August or early September I'll send the award out, along with a genuine certificate of achievement, printed on genuine bond paper by a genuine printer attached to a genuine computer and quite suitable for framing.

No award will be sent to someplace called "Twillingsgate" or to anyone who has ever lived there.

Such a deal!