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10-Jan-05 - 03:09 PM
Thread Name: Origins: I Saw Three Ships.
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: I Saw Three Ships.
I do not mean to provoke a debate, but I would point out that although the Inquisition killed many Gnostic Christians it did not kill them all. Heretical beliefs were certainly have suppressed, and its followers forced to hide, but the traditions were not necessarily eliminated altogether.

The verse in question could well demonstrate the fact. Indeed, the Cathars are known to have believed that Magdalene sailed to Europe on a rudderless ship carrying the child of Christ conceived before the Crucifixion. If somebody has an alternative explanation for the origin of the "three ships" motif, let us hear it!

Freemasonry and particularly the Masonic Knights Templar contains early Christian and Gnostic elements. Grand Lodge Freemasonry was not consolidated in England and Wales until 1717 and there are well documented examples of earlier and in some cases more Gnostic brands of Masonry and related secret societies before then.

It may be no accident that these long-forgotten traditions are re-emerging and gaining popularity today:

    "The knights want a Papal apology nearly 700 years after they were disbanded and hounded into exile"

    - The Times, 29 November 2004: "The last Crusade of the Templars", page 13.