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Posted By: Malcolm Douglas
11-Jan-05 - 12:20 AM
Thread Name: Origins: I Saw Three Ships.
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: I Saw Three Ships.
I do hope not! Have a look at that discussion, John, and you'll see what Q means.

For myself, I think that "explanations" (particularly convoluted and esoteric ones) are unnecessary in the case of songs like this. I've pointed to suggestions made by others in the past, with which I neither particularly agree nor disagree; if you care to challenge them, by all means do so (once you've read, and digested, what they had to say), but don't drag me into it. Equally, if you want to make a properly reasoned case (with verifiable supporting evidence) for your own suggestion, then please do so.

Saying, in effect, "This is what I think, though I can offer no evidence. If you disagree, prove me wrong" is not the way to make a useful or convincing case. Bruce Cockburn's camels were silly enough; unless we are careful, the next thing we know, those "ships" will be flying saucers.