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Posted By: Susan A-R
17-Nov-99 - 11:02 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: The Holy Ground (from The Wolfe Tones)
Subject: Lyr Add: THE HOLY GROUND (Gerry O'Beirne)
I suppose it complicates the situation further, but I learned one sung by Andy Irvine (I believe) about a man who leaves Ireland and ends up in the American southwest, dying in battle. I'm not sure if it's the Mexican war, or the Civil War

(Gerry O'Beirne)

I was born on the holy ground
A running boy in fields of clover
Living in the grandeur of
My father's home

By the side of the swirling sea
I spent my days in childhood wonder
And the rocks I held in my young hands
I never thought they'd slip away

The sun . . .
The wind blew high as I was leaving
And I sailed so very far
Looking for adventure

But I could not stay where the city streets
proclaimed so loudly man's endeavors
Though music is a goodly thing
In fine company.

The wilderness took my breath away
Under a sun that never falters
A man needs to find his way
where no one ever goes.

There's more, but it slips my mind, and I have no idea of who wrote it (probably learned it in some ilicit fashion, as I've learned many songs, bootlegged radio stuff.)