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17-Jan-05 - 01:03 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Annachie Gordon
Subject: RE: Folklore: annachie gordon, traditional
The Roud index has 14 entries for this song (in my copy at least), as below:


Title                            Source
LORD SALTON AND AUCHANACHIE       Buchan, Ancient Ballads & Songs 2 pp.127-129 (coll: Peter Buchan)
ACHANACHIE GORDON                Douglas, Come Gie's a Sang (1995) pp.4-5 (perf: Joe Rae coll:Mike Yates)                   
LORD SALTOUN AND ANNACHIE         Bronson, Traditional Tunes of the Child Ballads 3 p.422                   
ACHNACHIE GORDON                  Musical Traditions MT CD 313 ('The Broom Blooms Bonny') (perf:Joe Rae coll:Mike Yates)
LORD SALTON AND AUCHANACHIE       Maidment, North Countrie Garland pp.10-11 / Stevenson, Choice Old Scottish Ballads                
LORD SALTON AND AUCHANACHIE       Child, Vol.4 pp.347-350 (No.239) (version a)                           
LORD SALTOUN AND ANNACHIE         Christie, Traditional Ballad Airs 1 pp.10-11                                                               (coll: Dean Christie)
LORD SALTOUN AND AUCHANACHIE      Leach, Ballad Book pp.595-597           
LORD SALTOUN AND AUCHANACHIE      Greig-Duncan Collection 5 pp.321-322 (version b) (perf:William Walker coll: Gavin Greig)
LORD SALTOUN AND AUCHANACHIE      Coffin, Brit. Trad. Ballad in N. America (1977 edn.) p.136                           
LORD SALTOUN AND AUCHANACHIE      Child, Vol.5 (Additions & Corrections) pp.273-274 (No.239)                           
SALTOUN                           Greig-Duncan Collection 5 pp.321-322 (version a) (perf:John Mowat coll:Gavin Greig)
SALTOUN AND ANNOCHIE             Greig-Duncan Collection 5 pp.321-322 (version c) (perf:Miss Bell Robertson coll:Gavin Greig)
YOUNG ANNOCHIE                   Child, Vol.4 pp.347-350 (No.239) (version b)