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Posted By: Áine
18-Nov-99 - 11:12 PM
Thread Name: Help: From Pennywhistle to Recorder
Subject: Help: From Pennywhistle to Recorder
I began working on a song today and realized that it would sound much better if I used a recorder instead of a whistle. Problem is, I've never really played a recorder and don't know the first thing about the right 'technique' of playing it.

I had a couple laying around the house (OK, so I've dabbled a bit now and then over the years) and decided which one I wanted to use -- a lovely little bamboo number my husband picked up somewhere -- by recording a passage on tape playing each one.

The 'ambience' is very good with the bamboo recorder, but, to my ear, it sounds like a whistle player trying to play a recorder. Help, please!! Any suggestions on tongueing (sp?) would be appreciated -- at that rate, any suggestions at all would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Áine