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Posted By: GUEST,leeneia
20-Jan-05 - 11:23 AM
Thread Name: pick - how do you hold it?
Subject: RE: pick - how do you hold it?
Recently I found a book on repetition stress injury at the library. It was written by an M.D. with experience in that field. He specificlally mentioned playing guitar, etc. with a pick as a real source for injured hands. According to books I have read on guitar, playing with a pick also limits the things your right hand can do.

So first, ask yourself why you want to play with a pick. Just because it's louder? Or what?

Maybe you are like me, and your hand will never feel comfortable playing with a pick. One reason for that is that when you pinch two fingers together to hold on to the pick, the other fingers can hardly move.

Of course, you can compromise by playing with a pick sometimes and not at other times. And whether or not you injure your hands depends on how long and how often you play.

I do like a thumbpick. It helps bring out the bass and makes the guitar richer and louder. It also leaves my fingers free to flicker. Why don't you try it?