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Posted By: Liz the Squeak
19-Nov-99 - 11:49 AM
Thread Name: BS: Capitalism and the Arts
Subject: RE: BS: Capitalism and the Arts
When someone can make a fortune out of a pile of bricks, a disgusting unmade bed (I may be a slob who never makes the bed, but even I change the sheets when they start to crackle)and half a cow, whilst my area of London, one of the poorer boroughs in the capital, starts the next century with only 2/3rds the teachers and less than 1/2 the doctors and nurses we need, then there is something really wrong with the way that money is distributed. I saw the pile of bricks, and what amounted to a circular path of crazy paving. Maybe if they took them out of the galleries and laid them on the pavement (sidewalk), then my husband might not have fallen over it, with our daughter on his shoulders.....