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Posted By: Little Neophyte
19-Nov-99 - 01:27 PM
Thread Name: BS: Capitalism and the Arts
Subject: RE: BS: Capitalism and the Arts
Vixen you are so right.
When I show others the enthusiasm I have for my music, I may not be aware of the impact it has on them. Lets say I discuss my passion for the banjo with a friend (who happens to hold one of those CEO jobs) or play them the latest tune I created. It may brighten their day and make them start thinking about their own life. They may start asking themselves "What am I filling my life with? Is it meaningful? How happy am I? What makes me feel passionate? Who knows, maybe this CEO gets the maid to pull out the old saxophone, and dust it off so they can feel once again the joy they use to feel many years ago. Then tax season comes around and their accountant recommends they shelter some revenues in a tax deductable donation. So this 'Closet Case' CEO musician decides to put $100,000.00 in a music scholarship fund at the local university
Just my imagination, but you never know
Banjo Bonnie