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Posted By: Teresa
21-Jan-05 - 10:19 PM
Thread Name: BS: Great phrases you know and use.
Subject: RE: BS: Great phrases you know and use.
If it ain't one thing, it's two.--A friend of mine

Sounds like a terd of hurdles!--my dad and granddad, said of a houseful of kids

That makes too much sense.--something another friend says when someone solves a problem he can't figure out.

I feel as if I'm diagonally parked in a parallel universe.--anonymous

On the other hand ... there are different fingers.--anonymous

When someone says "Hold on", say, "But what am I holding onto?"--unknown

When teaching a student to type, , I blurted out in exasperation: "Slow down; you'll get there faster."

"What do you care what other people think?" Richard Feynman's first wife (to him. :)