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Posted By: Dewey
22-Jan-05 - 09:52 AM
Thread Name: BS: How did you choose your mudcat name?
Subject: RE: BS: How did you choose your mudcat name?
My real name is Dewaine. Everyone Pajoratively calls my Dewey. the ewwweee!!! part of Dewey being stressed in the pronunciation (as well as the volume)

My co-workers of the past and present often seem to chant to me the following way: Dew wee! Dew wee! Dew wee! Like you might at a United Auto Workers of AFL-CIO Meeting, with everyone's fists in the air in a momentus state of solidairity. I never can tell if the chanting is affectionate or as mentioned above pajorative.

Usually the words "screwy" is instictually placed in front of my name, by whoever decides to call me by this name.

I am actually not that fond of the name itself, but I choose it online at sites I visit for the following reasons:

It allows me to stay humbled in conversations, If I say something stupid or overtalk, it allows me the option to blame it on my name, Someone might say on a message board for example, "Oh well, that's Screwy Dewey for you. Once again he's opened his mouth again before actually using his brain."

Also I'm proud of being Screwy Dewey, being a little "out there" and of the wall at times keeps my mind and heart open to new ideas, while at the same time. gives me the opportunity by others to be forgiven for having said something dumb.

My biggest weakness is sensitivity to the opinions of other people and self-consciousness in general, also one of my other weaknesses is a preference to being alone, I seem to be able to entertain myself quite thoroughly. I like to think, and I think best when I am by myself. I also hate crowds and loud places, but I don't necessarily hate people. I am just very picky about the types of people I like to be around.

I don't like bars, vulgarity and public filth in general. My prejudices are that I like quiet, sensible, moral people as well as stimulating non-reactionary conversations. I don't like gossip, loose talk, or television pop culture. My T.V. is unplugged and I rarely use it. I watch Foxnews at work or at Mom and Dad's (the right wing propaganda network)

My biggest strength is that I am a positive thinker: I haven't had one stressful day in 3 years, and I'm not just making that one up! It is a complete and total fact. I have a life free of worry, my brain has been been so stimulated through years of sedentary desires and positive emotions and through the principle of auto-suggestion, negativity just doesn't enter it anymore ever!

I don't own a cell phone, and I refuse to join the ratrace! I want to do things my way. I don't kill myself for any employer anymore, I've got my bills low enough that I know can do whatever I wish to, whether job retraining, starting a new business etc.

Sure I am a little behind on things, yet I now know I have an inner gift to succeed through a creative force that is much beyond me and yet is part of me (i.e. God)

Intention to me is more important than my timeline towards futuristic events, I feel eventually, any human being, through the infinite intellignece of the interactive God of his consciouness, will develope his-her purpose from within, daily, interactively and exponentially.

I also believe that who I BECOME EVERY SINGLE DAY, And who my higher consciousness becomes every single day, is much more important than the tanglible instant gratification of the money that is not yet in my hands, we all arrive through intention in our own individual ways and through own own creative timeline when we are connected to our source (i.e. God)

Dewey (the nut)