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Posted By: Chet W.
19-Nov-99 - 07:46 PM
Thread Name: BS: Capitalism and the Arts
Subject: RE: BS: Capitalism and the Arts
I agree with you that there's no either/or ideal, and the best solution is usually somewhere in between, and the obscene wealth of Western CEOs while others do important work for little or nothing disgusts me too. But the name Stalin is a dirty word. His crimes against humanity were in many ways more spectacular than Hitler's. His name and image and ideas should be repulsive to all thinking people of good will. At least Lenin somewhat lived what he preached. Stalin was an ordinary thug that murdered millions, and trashed lives for generations of half the world. I'm afraid that many of us might (and I mean might), as we are rightfully disgusted and frustrated by the trends of western democracies, declining education and values and more violence and vulgar consumerism, might forget the details of the recent past. My family lived in Stalinism, and I don't want anyone to forget who he really was, the way Pat Buchanan seems willing to gloss over the horrors of Nazis.