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Posted By: freightdawg
22-Jan-05 - 08:33 PM
Thread Name: BS: How did you choose your mudcat name?
Subject: RE: BS: How did you choose your mudcat name?
I am a pilot for a company that delivers freight throughout the state of New Mexico. By the nature of our work we have to fly really early in the day and late in the day, with a lot of lounging around the airport when everyone else is "working". Somebody, somewhere, came up with the pejorative name of "Freightdog" to describe or demean us - us as in all the other hundreds of pilots who are sleep deprived denizens of the less popular haunts of the airport. As with so many other things, however, the demeaning aspect of the name became a badge of honor. Now, to be refered to as a Freight Dog has a certain mystical charm about it. (Although I've run into a couple of freighters that got downright physical when referred to as such!) Young freighters are called package puppies.

I, however, consider myself a true freightdawg - a mangy, scraggly ol'cur that mothers shrink from and little children throw rocks at. However, we all consider ourselves darn good pilots and if you received a package this week, or sent one out, or had to depend on a medical specimen being delivered to a distant laboratory, or needed a legal document shipped overnight, chances are you had to depend on one of us to make it happen.

And besides, when I'm a mile or so above the earth, I've got the best office in the whole building.

grinning muzzle to muzzle,