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Posted By: Scoville
23-Jan-05 - 12:24 AM
Thread Name: BS: How did you choose your mudcat name?
Subject: RE: BS: How did you choose your mudcat name?
I used to be Ely, which would have been my nickname had I been named "Elizabeth" as my mother's boss suggested (unfortunately, I already had an Aunt Liz and my mother's family is full of Betties so it had to be something different).

However, cookie issues brought that to an end so I had to pick something else. "Scoville" was chosen on a whim after an afternoon at the National Museum of Funeral History--Sayers & Scoville is a hearse company. I like antique cars and have always had a little bit of a morbid streak. (A friend of mine has a horse named Scoville for a similar reason--he's black and sometimes pulls a hearse at Civil War reenactments.) It also doesn't resemble any of my other online names.