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Posted By: Áine
19-Nov-99 - 09:46 PM
Thread Name: Help: From Pennywhistle to Recorder
Subject: RE: Help: From Pennywhistle to Recorder
Thanks to everyone for the advice!

I've been working with the bamboo recorder, definitely the one I want to use with this particular song. It's a D, and I'm using it in the lower register only. I've worked out a couple of runs on it -- I'm doing the song in 3/4 time, but not fast. The fingering is coming along nicely (at least I think so), but I've found that I'm not using any 'tongueing' per se at all. Instead, I'm using my breath to 'attack' the notes and allowing some of them to be very legato. I haven't recorded this yet, but to my ear, it sounds fine.

My question is, and please pardon my ignorance of recorder 'technique', is this sort of playing 'allowed' or am I going to sound like a right eejit playing like this? Does it really matter, as long as I like it? The song I'm working on is one of my own (words and music -- and yes, Alison, it's in Irish).

Please let me know your thoughts on the matter. Thanks in advance (again), Áine