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Posted By: NH Dave
24-Jan-05 - 05:02 PM
Thread Name: Whistle Question
Subject: RE: Whistle Question
Unless the whistle has a lower, unstopped hole that determines the over all pitch of the lowest note, trimming the end a bit would only affect the lowest not on the instrument, raising it a bit. All of the other finger holes will still retain their same relative distance to the the blown end, and not vary in pitch.

    I have known whistle players who have loosened the plastic blown end from the bore and can now raise and lower this blown end, thus making each note a bit sharper or flatter, than it had been, but I don't see as this would be any advantage in playing with others who use some sort of refferenced standard pitch, or who tune by electronic tuners - clamp on bits that show the exact note the instrument is currently playing.