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Posted By: Bev and Jerry
24-Jan-05 - 05:36 PM
Thread Name: mcburney sq or mcbernie--mnemonic songs
Subject: Lyr Add: APPENDECTOMY COUNTRY STYLE (Oscar Brand)
This song was written and recorded by Oscar Brand on his album "For Doctors Only". It was also published in "Folksongs for Fun" edited by Oscar Brand".

It's called
"Appendectomy-Country Style" (The McBurney Square)

Wash your hands and get them dry
Keep them clean and keep them high
When you're sure that you are able
Promenade up to the table
And get that appendix, lay it bare
We're doin' the McBurney Square

Now drape that patient neat and tight
Bare the quadrant lower right
Do si do and careful all
While you make an incision in that wall
Right hand under if you dare
Doin' the McBurney Square

Swing that knife blade with a toss
Along the muscles, not across
With your fingers then induce
The peritoneum to work lose
You mustn't rip and you mustn't tear
Doin' the McBurney Square

When the cavity's been breached
The secum and appendix reached
Put a purse string suture on the base
And sprinkle gauze pads 'round the place
Duck for the oyster, I declare
Doin' that McBurney Square

With a peritoneal cuff inside
Crush, ligate, and then divide
Swing your partner, I'll swing mine
Paint the stump with iodine
Now force it back again with care
Doin' that McBurney Square

Tie the purse string very tight
Suture the peritoneum right
Let those muscles settle in
Then count the pads and close the skin
Salute the patient, collect your fee
You've done the Appendectomy

McBurney's Point.

Bev and Jerry