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Posted By: Barbara
24-Jan-05 - 05:37 PM
Thread Name: Whistle Question
Subject: RE: Whistle Question
Actually some classical instruments come in Eb -- I think a clarinet does, and I found the Eb whistle (Generation) useful for playing cross whistle in A. Or for playing with people tuned sharp -- like concertinas, or autoharps. I always soak my bits so I can tune them, and you will also be able to pick me out of a crowd of whistle players because when my bits get old and crack where they join the barrel, I repair them using hose clamps.
The first set of Generations I bought, I mail ordered from someplace in NY city, and the entire set came one tube inside another and all the bits in a bag at one end of the box. There were 6, as I recall, and I still have a couple (they would be about 30 years old). Several of them I have never seen for sale in stores -- they were Bb, C, D Eb F and G, from low to high respectively.
The G whistle is about 3/4 the length of a pencil, about that bore, and makes you squinch all your fingers together to play it. It is good, especially in its second octave, for clearing rooms, removing loose paint and fillings, and in delighting small, thieving children.