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Posted By: GUEST,Jana
24-Jan-05 - 09:43 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req/Add: Horse called Napoleon
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Horse called Napoleon
I was trying to find the words to this for my mother. She remembers her grandmother singing it when she was little. My grandmother passed it on to my generation...Here are the words as we remember:


I've got a horse and his name's Napoleon
That's on account of his bony parts
He was raised by old mother doe,
The very same horse that came out of the ark

He's so thin you can see right through him
Coat so fine and soft as silk
I hitch him to my milk wagon
When I want to stop I holler Milk

One fine day while I was riding
Along came a man with a very fine horse / in a rig so neat
Said hey Rube, I'll run you a race
Have you a race right down the street

Off we started helter skelter
Me with a smile all over my face
Just then a lady hollered Milk,
And so you see we lost the race.

I too would dearly love to know where this came from. It is one of those songs that means a lot to my family...along with "Playmates" which also took me a fair bit of trying to find.

Interesting how everyone who has heard the song seems to be from different areas...that makes me think it's older than my original thought - after all, it takes time for things to travel...or at least it did prior to the internet!

Jana ::Windsor, Ontario, Canada::