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Posted By: Kaleea
25-Jan-05 - 02:46 AM
Thread Name: If You Were There...The Sixties
Subject: RE: If You Were There...The Sixties
Ahhhh. The sixties! We had it all, seemingly. Really big cars with groovy long fins & lotsa cheap gas to fill 'em up with. Dippity Doo for our hair. Transistor radios. A far out space program which filled our minds with adventures, especially after watching Scotty beam up the landing party each week on Star Trek. Rock & Roll which most parents hated. Dick Clark who was only a little bit younger looking then. My brother had a band with lots of amplifiers & my father could sleep right through band practice. We learned about religion from the other side of the world Then there was the war which the hawks liked cause it "boosted" the economy, but the doves hated & we told 'em "all you need is love." We had great leaders who were mowed down much too young, but managed to influence generations to come. King, Gandhi, Kennedy . . .   Who taught us to stand together arm in arm & help each other walk through life together--enjoying our differences. Our world was much smaller after the moonshot-the shot watched literally around the world.
   We had hope for our future. I pray we still have that hope.