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Posted By: GUEST,pavane
25-Jan-05 - 06:00 AM
Thread Name: Tech: music notation software
Subject: RE: Tech: music notation software
A bit of history:

The thought behind HARMONY was that it was NOT just a way of puting notes onto paper. That is like using a wordprocessor strictly to emulate a typewriter - giving no added value.

HARMONY aims to add value by automating some music processing tasks.
For example, most musical packages will transpose, but some offer little more than that.

Of course, in order to make it useful, there has to be an input facility, an output facility, a playback, and an Edit facility - these are what takes all the development time!

Once the above facilities are in place, it is a case of identifying functions which can be added.

So far, HARMONY has the following

Add chords to a tune (This was its original purpose)
Add accompaniment based on these chords
Transpose chord names (as well as tune)
Validate tune structure, reporting on overlength or underlength bars
Automatically join notes with beams (or remove all beams)
Make a tune into a round
Convert a reel to a hornpipe
Add and play PARTS specification (mainly for dance music)
Create Melodeon & Anglo Concertina tablature
Add a harmony part a specified interval above the melody
Create a new, random, tune in a selected style

Note styles give you full control over all MIDI functions, and can be used, for example, to pan, bend or change volume MID-NOTE.
(Does any other package provide this? I don't know of any myself)

Advanced edit facilities include making selected notes into a Tuple (Triplet or similar)

Suggestions as to other functions which could be added are always welcome.

As for ease of editing, in the pipeline already are
Drag and drop - detecting the note pitch automatically by the place on the staff where it is dropped. (This is basic stuff, but not easy to code)

Moving or copying existing notes by dragging to a new location on the staff