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Posted By: GUEST,Jim
25-Jan-05 - 12:22 PM
Thread Name: Basic Music Theory Question
Subject: RE: Basic Music Theory Question
"i don't want to depend on a capo, unless i have to"

Joy - a capo is a wonderful tool that will enhance the sounds you get from your guitar. There's much snobbery about using capos from guitar players who like to show off their skills on the fretboard, but as with all types of show-offs, they miss 3/4 of life's pleasures by operating on a sub-plane. Very sad and mis-guided folk.

The acoustic guitar rings beautifully with chords that include open strings. It's great to be able to play in all keys using Barre chords up to the 10th fret, but not necessary unless maybe you have ambitions to play in a jazz band. Don't look upon placement of a capo merely as a means of changing key, but as a means of getting the best sounds out of your guitar.

Try playing chords in the key of D, with the dropped E bass string down to D, and put your capo, say, on the 5th or 7th frets (therefore playing in Key of G or A) and you'll get the point.

Good Luck - Jim

(If you want a DIY Chord transposer - I built an Excel spreadsheet that does the job reasonably OK. Let me know if you're interested.)