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Posted By: Big Al Whittle
26-Jan-05 - 04:31 AM
Thread Name: If You Were There...The Sixties
Subject: RE: If You Were There...The Sixties
One of the worst things about the 60's was that the battle lines were drawn between the generations. All of society's institutions seemed somehow cast in rock and yet the times were so obviously and so profoundly changing. the schools I attended were like 1930's theme parks.

College was a different story. There, your lecturers were making a wild grab for the new freedoms - much to the dismay of your parents.
It was a very confused time.

if we seemed like a dumb generation, it was because we didn't have any answers, and society wasn't supplying any. The dope didn't do us any favours, and neither did the hysterical reaction to it. that debate was played out every night as first the Stones, then Donovan, then the Beatles got involved with controversies that made the national news.

I bet they were the source of arguments between the generations in half the houses of England.

How different from todays kids. Most of them seem to be still at home with their parents into their twenties, and relatively happy to be there.