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Posted By: George Papavgeris
27-Jan-05 - 07:49 PM
Thread Name: BS: Farenheit 9/11 on Tonight C4 UK 9pm
Subject: RE: BS: Farenheit 9/11 on Tonight C4 UK 9pm
Well, here's my take:

One has to wade through quite a few histrionics, double takes, shots from films and TV series that (for me) detract and cheapen the film. I'd have preferred it if he had told it straight (as he does, mostly, in the second half of the film). From that point of view, nowhere near as good as "Columbine".

Of course, most of what is shown I knew already, as it had appeared on other related programmes and documentaries in the UK anyway.

Lila's story is powerful indeed.

All that hullaballoo about him showing bodies of injured/dead Americans was OTT. I did not find it distasteful - in the context of the programme -, and there were more scenes of Iraqi injured/dead anyway.

He overplays some cards - like the 24 Bin Laden family members usehered out of the US in the first 48 hours after 9/11. I am happy to accept that Osama is the black sheep and an exception, and given the likelihood of their being victimised, I have no real problem with their hasty departure. Though I would have preferred it if it had also been arranged for them to make statements to the police, just for the record.

The thing that is clear already (from other sources, and in the public record) is the extent to which the American populace was duped, using their pain from 9/11, stoking up their fear, to translate it later into an attack on a country that (we now know) had nothing to do with 9/11, no intent and no capability to harm even its smallest neighbour, let alone a superpower.

And that's what I found scariest - the extent to which the country had the wool pulled over its eyes. And still has, as the recent election proves (don't start on that "minority vote" tack, I know, but the fact is the country re-elected GWB. It's their law, their constitution - they don't like it, they can change it). Britney's comment "I trust the President" is echoed still by millions. Powerful manipulative powers there...

For anyone who has had their eyes closed till now it would be a powerful wake up call. For those who have followed the news as it unravelled, especially from sources other than Fox, little that was new.

Just a bitter aftertaste. There are crimes against humanity perpetrated in our times, and I believe that sooner or later sins come home to roost. Perhaps not in my lifetime (though I hope so), but history in the end can only show the truth; ten, fifty, one hundred years from now, the events of the last 4 years will be taught in schools in their true light.

But that will be too late for Lila's son. And for the others that died needlessly. And for those who will die tomorrow. And the day after.