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Posted By: Liz the Squeak
28-Jan-05 - 08:44 AM
Thread Name: BS: Farenheit 9/11 on Tonight C4 UK 9pm
Subject: RE: BS: Farenheit 9/11 on Tonight C4 UK 9pm
I have to say that I agreed with Mr Moore's commentary re: the power of fear and the policy of scare the bastards into submission.

Last year, I started to feel quite guilty because I seemed to be the only person who didn't give a damn about 'possible terrorist targets' despite the fact that I work in a pretty bloody obvious one. I found it difficult to understand how so many people could believe what I could see was nothing but rumour-mongering and hype. I still don't know how so many people could be so horribly duped. I don't feel so bad now, knowing that there are a few others who appear able to keep their heads.

Here in the UK, I guess we have a less personal interest. I don't mean to denigrade anything that anyone went through on 11th Sept, but I could not understand the mass hysteria that we saw on our TV screens, from people who were hundreds or thousands of miles away from New York or any other 'target'. It seems that Michael Moore was also looking further back too... so many double standards and hypocrasy. Fear is a powerful emotion, and a terrible thing to have held over you. I chose a long time ago, not to let fear have a hold over me.

And as for the woman outside the White House who told Lila it was all staged... well, I wanted to slap her, I'm surprised Lila didn't.