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Posted By: Don(Wyziwyg)T
28-Jan-05 - 03:42 PM
Thread Name: What is wrong with being a purist?
Subject: RE: What is wrong with being a purist?

I have taken some time to respond to your characterisation of myself as a bigot who can be seen to blame all the ills of the folk scene on purists/traditionalists.

You mentioned my posts on the folk music in England thread, in support of your assertion, and on checking back I found five of these, none of which could even be misconstrued as apportioning blame in this way.

I am, and always have been devoted to traditional folk music, and don't wish to see it changed, or devalued in any way. Neither do I have any adverse comment to make on those who wish to pursue it exclusively.

I merely assert my right to view traditional, and contemporary, as facets of FOLK MUSIC, which have equal value in their own right, and can co-exist in the same club for those wanting to perform, or hear, either, or both.

I hope this is sufficiently lucid for me to avoid being accused of any other crimes against music.

Incidentally, I would have thought that it were possible to coin a less pejorative term for people like me than "Anything Goes Brigade", implying, as it does, a complete absence of musical taste, rather than, as is the case, a more open minded approach to the subject. There is a lot of music I do not enjoy, but I have never in my life referred to it as rubbish, crap, etc. After all, it would not exist unless a considerable number of people thought it worthwhile, and that's as it should be.

My last post on this thread folks. BYEE

Don T.