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Posted By: Jeri
21-Nov-99 - 11:39 AM
Thread Name: I give up. What's a HOGEYE?
Subject: Lyr Add: HOG-EYE MAN
And a different version from the one in the DT:


Go fetch me down my ridin' cane,
For I'm goin' to see my darlin' Jane

And a hog-eye,
Railroad navvy with his hog eye,
Row ashore with a hog-eye,
Oh, she wants a hog-eye man

Oh the hog-eye men are all the go
When they come down to San Fransisco

Now it's who's been here since I've been gone,
A railroad navvy with his sea boots on

Oh Sally in the garden pickin' peas,
Her golden hair hangin' down to her knees

Oh Sally in the garden, shellin' peas,
With her young hog-eye all a-sittin'on her knees

Oh a hog-eye ship and a hog-eye crew,
A hog-eye mate and skipper too

This version (the melody at least) dates from the 1860s and is from the singing of Ian Campbell & group on _Blow the Man Down_, Topic, TSCD464
The notes to the CD say Vance Randolph collected several versions from Missouri hill-folk, but Randolph's manuscripts are locked up in a sex research institute in Indiana. ----------------------
The Boarding Party also recorded this song. Check it out at Folk Legacy.