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Thread Name: What are jubal hounds?
Subject: RE: What are jubal hounds?
I'll note at the beginning of this collection of bits I picked up in a few searches that quite a few hits go to and I tried to figure out just what it is--the site seems to have no statement of ownership, management, or raison d'etre, except that it seems to promoting scholarship to do with biblical details, to be debunking some forms of christian belief, and seems to be tied to a particular pastor named Rubel Shelly.

With this puzzlment regarding the source of some really interesting information noted, here is some of what I uncovered regarding the term "jubal hounds." --SRS Pepperdine link

(Genun information--this name/term in general seems to generate some kind of squishy sci-fi pop-christian interest along with the scholarship--see my Google search on Genun.

Also from, what I posted above

This is a very interesting (albeit brief) discussion of this character/subject:

This would lead me to interpret "Jubal Hounds" as the dissonant clammoring barking of dogs, ungodly, noisy, and distracting at the very least--SRS

Other links:
(google search on "tubal jubal)

I could keep opening links and reading, cutting and pasting, but I'll conclude that the connection was clearly made in literary circles, as demonstrated by Kipling:
Jubal and Tubal Cain
Rudyard Kipling

JUBAL sang of the Wrath of God
    And the curse of thistle and thorn—
But Tubal got him a pointed rod,
    And scrabbled the earth for corn.
    Old—old as that early mould,
       Young as the sprouting grain—
    Yearly green is the strife between
       Jubal and Tubal Cain

Jubal sang of the new-found sea,
    And the love that its waves divide—
But Tubal hollowed a fallen tree
    And passed to the further side.
    Black—black as the hurricane-wrack,
       Salt as the under-main—
    Bitter and cold is the hate they hold—
       Jubal and Tubal Cain!

Jubal sang of the golden years
    When wars and wounds shall cease—
But Tubal fashioned the hand-flung spears
    And showed his neighbours peace.
    New—new as the Nine point Two,
       Older than Lamech's slain—
    Roaring and loud is the feud avowed
       Twix' Jubal and Tubal Cain!

Jubal sang of the cliffs that bar
    And the peaks that none may crown—
But Tubal clambered by jut and scar
    And there he builded a town.
    High—high as the snowsheds lie,
       Low as the culverts drain—
    Wherever they be they can never agree—
       Jubal and Tubal Cain!

(I don't know what the note "Canadian" is about--did Kipling live in Canada for a while?)

I'm adding this poem because it offers a literary interpretation of a relationship, but I'm not in any way shape or form a biblical scholar who can make much of the myth as presented here. I'm not a christian and haven't read the bible, but at the same time, I read a lot of other stuff and tend to recognise biblical references when they pop up. So I'll leave it to someone who has more expertise in the field to sort it out. This is raw data.