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Posted By: Malcolm Douglas
28-Jan-05 - 05:50 PM
Thread Name: What are jubal hounds?
Subject: RE: What are jubal hounds?
All very interesting, but we really are getting into very abstruse territory there; and completely unnecessarily, I suspect. I honestly don't think that Kipling's poem demonstrates anything relevant.

It's perfectly possible that Mr Pole may have had "jubilation" or "jubilee" at the back of his mind (or even the biblical Jubal or Tubal, though I can't think why) when he sang "jubal", or he may have learnt it that way; but it's rather too late to ask him. Other people sang "joyful", while other versions don't contain that bit at all.

SRS's guess is ingenious in a "chariots of the gods" kind of way, but we'd need some evidence of the term being used in that sense -in any sense at all would be a start- before it became at all likely, given that there's a simple explanation available. In cases like this, the simplest explanation is often best.