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Posted By: Barb'ry
28-Jan-05 - 06:58 PM
Thread Name: Origins: The Cruel Ship's Captain (Broadside?)
Subject: RE: Origins: The Cruel Ship's Captain (Broadside?)
The version I sing is from Eddie Upton:

A boy to me was bound apprentice
Because his parents they were poor
I took him from St James's workhouse
All for to sail upon the Spanish shore

This boy one day, he did offend me
No other word then did I say
But straightway to the yardarm dragged him
And left him there until the very next day

His hands and feet they hung before him
His arms and legs they hung likewise
And with my tarry rope I killed him
Because I would not hear his cries

And then my men they did desert me
Because that I had done such wrong
And in my cabin close confined me
And bound me there with iron strong

To London town they then did take me
And here lie I condemned to die
If I had by my men been ruled
I might have spared that poor boys life - and mine

So come all you men who sail round the ocean
All you with servants to wait on thee
I pray you never, never ill use them
For you plainly see it was the death of me

Not much different to the others - just a few more verses. Eddie told me it was collected by the Hammond Brothers.
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